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International Mens Day 2022

International Mens Day 2022

Saturday 19th November marks International Men’s Day which celebrates worldwide the positive value men bring to the world, their families, and communities. Marked in around 80 countries worldwide the objects of the day are –

  1. To promote positive male role models;
  2. To celebrate men’s positive contributions to society,
  3. To focus on men’s health and wellbeing;
  4. To highlight discrimination against men;
  5. To improve gender relations and promote gender equality
  6. To create a safer, better world;

If you are looking for a speaker to mark International Men’s Day these are just a few of the speakers we work with that might be of interest.


Josh Littlejohn is one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers having founded pioneering social enterprises and led a global movement to tackle homelessness and displacement.

Josh began working on the homelessness issue when he founded Social Bite, a social enterprise in Scotland with a mission to eradicate homelessness in the country. Social Bite started as a small chain of sandwich shops that began offering jobs and free food to homeless people. The cafes shot to global fame when Hollywood A-lister George Clooney visited an outlet in Edinburgh in 2015. Another Oscar winner Leonardo Di Caprio then visited the social enterprise in 2016. Social Bite has employed over 100 homeless people and gives out over 140,000 items of free food each year to those in need. Social Bite has also been visited by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and The Duchess of Cambridge.


Marc Koska speaker bookingMarc Koska is an entrepreneur and keynote speaker who developed the revolutionary disposable syringe, the iconic K-1 syringe, the world’s first ‘auto-disable’ syringe for the curative market. It is believed his invention has helped to save more than 9 million lives and has been awarded an OBE for his ‘Contribution to Global Healthcare.’

All injections given with a K1 syringe are sterile and safe. They protect the patient because the K1 syringe cannot be reused – it locks and breaks after one use. While the design of his ground-breaking syringe took three minutes, the actual process to get it produced and used took 17 years. Marc Koska tells his inspiring story and how he founded Star Syringe and the charity SafePoint Trust and the ups and downs of getting this syringe made.


Winston Ben Clements is a culture specialist with an emphasis on Resilience and Diversity & Inclusion. His ultimate mission is to help 1 BILLION people to unleash their full human potential.

Winston was predicted to live a life of isolation and pain due to a rare bone disorder known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). This condition caused his bones to be extremely fragile, suffering over 200 fractures in his lifetime.

Winston Clements has shared his story on stages, conferences, and media platforms all around the world. He has become extremely popular for his keynote speaking appearances due to his ability to deliver inspirational and practical content, in a humorous and relaxed style. Known for his infamous quote “Your Limitations Are An Illusion,” Winston is also a two-time TED Speaker, entrepreneur, mentor, and board member at various organisations.


Trewin Restorick was the founding CEO of Hubbub, a charity that makes environmental issues fun. Launching creative campaigns and collaborating with companies of all sizes, Hubbub is a visionary charity that works to bring issues of climate change, carbon footprints, and global warming into the public eye in a fun and light-hearted way. By focusing on people’s passions like food, sport, and fashion, the charity aims to communicate environmental issues through a fresh and exciting perspective.

In 2022 Trewin stepped away from Hubbub and now works for Sizzle, an organisation that rethinks the way products and services are delivered to radically reduce environmental impact, whilst being affordable, high quality, and financially viable.


Simon Fanshawe is a writer, broadcaster, speaker, and non-executive director in the public and private sectors. He has also co-founded a ground-breaking consultancy (astar-fanshawe), working with organisations on equality and diversity. Simon Fanshawe was a co-founder of the lesbian and gay equality lobby group Stonewall and is a co-founder of The Kaleidoscope Trust; the only British charity working exclusively on gay human rights worldwide.

As a broadcaster, he is a regular contributor as a paper reviewer, pundit, and panelist on the BBC and Sky. He regularly writes on politics, social policy, and on the Arts for the national press. Simon also chairs conferences and speaks on a wide variety of platforms – mainly on diversity, governance, higher education, housing, culture, and the Arts. He is also an accomplished after-dinner speaker.


Dan Reed is a Senior Strategist within the Digital Strategy Group at Adobe, working with C-Level Executives of Enterprise customers to demonstrate the value of digital transformation to their organisation. He’s also a dad of two beautiful children and the Founder of Career Dad, where Dan speaks on equality and gender diversity; flexible working; and, career progression.

Dan decided to put a video out on LinkedIn talking about the two things that were really important to him: pursuing my career and being a dad. The response was amazing and the message resonated and later that year, Career Dad was born.

Career Dad – mission statement was straightforward – “To Positively Impact As Many Dad’s Lives As Possible”. The website went live and focused on articles that talk about fatherhood; equality and gender diversity; flexible working; and, career progression. The Career Dad Show podcast shortly followed, which is an interview-style podcast highlighting stories from individuals that resonate with other dads.


Dr. Amit Patel is an author, disability rights campaigner, motivational speaker, and independent accessibility consultant. He is registered severely sight impaired (blind) having lost his sight to keratoconus in 2013.

Amit studied medicine at Cambridge and qualified as a doctor, specialising in emergency medicine and major incidents. During medical school, Amit was diagnosed with keratoconus, a condition that changes the shape of your corneas but is usually easily treated with a corneal transplant. However, Amit was one of the rare individuals for whom the transplants rejected and despite traveling to the US for ground-breaking surgery, Amit lost his sight completely just one year after getting married.

Since then, Amit has been on a journey to learn to live with his sight loss, from learning how to make a cup of tea again to walking using a white cane. Once getting to grips with the basics himself, Amit set out to help others who were new to sight loss, through volunteering with the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Amit is now an active campaigner for accessibility, diversity, and inclusion, speaking out against the issues that disabled people face daily.

These are just a few ideas of speakers. To learn more about any of them please call us on 020 8854 7247 or email enquiries@scampspeakers.co.uk


We have worked with Matthew for many years and will continue to do so. His knowledge of the Speaker Market and ability to interpret our clients requirements is quite exceptional.

He is incredibly thorough in his approach and always goes that extra mile to ensure everything is exactly as required.

I am always happy working with Matthew, he has great credibility, he is very diverse in his ability to make things happen.

Matthew Fisher and I have worked together for many number of years. I have always found Matt to be honest, good natured and willing to work hard always carefully selecting the best appearances to suit my personality and lifestyle. The work Matthew has delivered for me over the years has varied from schools, colleges, attending film premiers, guest speaking  to name a few all of which I have lots of memories and thoroughly enjoyed.