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Winston Ben Clements


Brittle bones survivor, Resilience and Diversity Expert & Speaker

Winston Ben Clements is a culture specialist with an emphasis on Resilience and Diversity & Inclusion. His ultimate mission is to help 1 BILLION people to unleash their full human potential.

Winston was predicted to live a life of isolation and pain due to a rare bone disorder known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). This condition caused his bones to be extremely fragile, suffering over 200 fractures in his lifetime.

The early years were particularly difficult. Winston not only had to deal with the typical challenges of school and adolescence, but he also struggled with loneliness and frustration because his body would continuously let him down. Watching his siblings and the other kids from the sidelines was a constant reminder of how different he was, and he often found himself wondering “what is the point of it all?”

Despite this, Winston considers himself to be one of the lucky ones. A significant number of people with OI never make it beyond childhood. He was also born into a family who were destined to cope with a son who refused to allow his physical condition to limit his lifestyle. Winston also credits his positive attitude to his faith in God, as well as all the inspiration he has received from friends and all the people he has encountered along his journey.

Winston Clements graduated from University with a degree in Computer Science and then spent over 10 years working as a Consultant for global corporations in the technology industry.

Nowadays as an award-winning speaker, Winston’s inspiring and practical sessions continue to have transformational effects on audiences worldwide. He is passionate about supporting the world’s leading companies to develop the next generation of high performing teams.

Winston Clements has shared his story on stages, conferences and media platforms all around the world. He has become extremely popular for his keynote speaking appearances due to his ability to deliver inspirational and practical content, in a humorous and relaxed style. Known for his infamous quote “Your Limitations Are An Illusion,” Winston is also a two time TED Speaker, entrepreneur, mentor and board member at various organisations.

Speaking Topics

Resilience and Change Management – Be Resilient or Resign

  • Change is the only constant – be resilient or fall behind
  • Thrive in challenging times using the power of reinvention
  • It is important to have visible role models who epitomise company values

Diversity and Inclusion – Creating Inclusive Cultures

  • Diversity for the sake of metrics will not cut it, inclusion and belonging are the way forward
  • Business and ethical case for embracing diversity in an organisation
  • Create safe spaces for people to express their uniqueness, creativity and innovation

Leadership, Mindset and Motivation – Raising Your Game As A Leader

  • Leadership can be displayed at any level of the organisation and not just at the top of the hierarchy
  • Everyone should take extreme ownership of their performance and results
  • Shift focus from playing it safe to playing to win



Diversity & Inclusion
Overcoming Adversity


We have worked with Matthew for many years and will continue to do so. His knowledge of the Speaker Market and ability to interpret our clients requirements is quite exceptional.

He is incredibly thorough in his approach and always goes that extra mile to ensure everything is exactly as required.

I am always happy working with Matthew, he has great credibility, he is very diverse in his ability to make things happen.

Matthew Fisher and I have worked together for many number of years. I have always found Matt to be honest, good natured and willing to work hard always carefully selecting the best appearances to suit my personality and lifestyle. The work Matthew has delivered for me over the years has varied from schools, colleges, attending film premiers, guest speaking  to name a few all of which I have lots of memories and thoroughly enjoyed.