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Sophie Bennett


Sophie Bennett is a best-selling author, professional keynote speaker and a motivation and leadership expert.

She is a visiting faculty member at The Cranfield School of Management, where she speaks on leadership, motivation and effective communication.

In 2018 she ran the ACCA Finance Director Leadership Programme at ACCA HQ. 2019 keynote clients include Lloyds of London, Accountex, CPA Australia, The International Institute of Business, Analysts European Conference, the UK Associations, Congress, CIMA AICPA and ACCA Jersey Conference.

Sophie Bennett holds advanced NLP qualifications including Master Business Practitioner and Persuasion Engineering. Her experience includes IT consulting, award winning ghost writing on Tech Futurism (shortlisted for business book of the year) and she was Head of Content at Dell. Before going into business she was a champion professional dressage rider.

Her recent book, Find Your Flame – Why Motivation Matters More Than Talent, features interviews with 50 exceptional performers and uncovers what motivates them, how they discovered their genius and the qualities and practices that result in sustainable world class achievement.


MOTIVATION – Based on her new book Find Your Flame – Why Motivation Matters More Than Talent, Sophie reveals the 5 Flames of Motivation, how to tap into them to boost your own motivation and inspire your team. Discover how to design ‘Moments that Matter’
that ignite, inspire and transform.

COMMUNICATION – Gain insights into high impact, high influence communications. Discover how to communicate with clarity, confidence and gravitas.

AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP Horsepower; Insights from the world of dancing horses. Sophie is a former champion dressage rider and she shares the strategy, planning, resilience, self-discipline, teamwork and winning mindset that led to the British Equestrian team transforming from no-hopers to winning Gold at London 2012 and at Rio in 2016.

NEW – 5 Flames of Motivation Masterclass Workshop

Following this 5 Flames of Motivation Masterclass, participants will have a better understanding of their intrinsic motivations, insight into where they came from, how they drive unconscious behaviour and provide practical tools to develop in new areas. Ignite a new level of understanding about the neuroscience of motivation and how to use that knowledge to help yourself and others overcome challenges and deliver peak performance. The workshop can be a full day, half day or 90mins.



Winning Mindset/performance