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Five Flames of Motivation

Five Flames of Motivation

5 Skills that Top Performers Master By Sophie Bennett **

Peak performers do things differently. They know how to tap into their own specific motivation forces. Here’s how they do it.

Every one of us has an optimum state of being. That thing that we do that lifts the soul and drives us forward to be our best self. That’s what the 5 Flames of Motivation are all about; I discovered the 5 driving forces that drive different people to enjoy different types of peak moments.

It was a while later before I realised that each of those peak moments has a specific set of skills that make it possible to repeat the experience.

People who are driven by Flow Motivation are great at being focused. After all, if you can’t focus on something for long enough to get really good at it, you aren’t going to ‘get in the zone’ while you are doing it. Focus is a solitary thing. No one else can help you to do it – but you can learn how to do it. Focus is not a gift; it’s a skill.

If you are driven by Inclusion Motivation then you will have great people skills. You will be good at building rapport and getting the buzz going in a group. People skills aren’t a gift. Even people who seem like naturals have skills that have built up over the years. Those skills are learnable.

People who are Results Motivation are winners. They love to be first past the post, win the medal get to the top of the sales leaderboard. Though if you dig deeper you always find that they lose as often as they win. One the the key skills these people have is the ability to re-frame failure and turn it into a learning opportunity. That’s not a gift; it’s a skill. That means you can learn it.

Expression motivated people are great at sensing and expressing emotion. They are artisans and can be the canary in the coal mine picking up vibes long before others sense there’s something wrong. That sensitivity is a skill – honed over many years of using it. That means you can learn it.

Discovery motivated people are great at innovation because they are naturally curious. They have a mental strategy that asks questions about everything. It’s a skill as well as a mindset – which means you can learn it.

In summary, people who have different drivers also have practiced a set of skills that put them in their optimum state as often as possible and ALL those skills are transferrable.

You can find out more about the 5 Flames of Motivation inside Sophie’s recent book Find Your Flame – Why Motivation Matters More Than Talent .

If you would like to know about Sophie and her speaking work please drop us a line on enquiries@scampspeakers.co.uk

** This article was originally published on Linkedin by Sophie Bennett.


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