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Roberta Lucca


Roberta Lucca (aka Beta Lucca) is a successful creative entrepreneur, futurist, angel investor, international keynote speaker and creator of Hyper Curious podcast.

The MBA British-Brazilian founded and grew multiple businesses, including the BAFTA-winning Bossa Studios, a VC-backed, multi-million-dollar video games company widely regarded for its creativity at scale approach and reach of millions of Millennials and Gen Z consumers worldwide.

Beta is an expert in and frequently speaks about high growth entrepreneurship, creativity, multipotentiality, diversity and futurism. She brings first-hand 20 years of experience in launching dozens of innovative products, companies, games, and helping leaders take disruptive actions to grow their businesses while improving their leadership.

She is Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech, and has been featured in world-renowned media outlets such as Sky News, BBC News, Times Radio, Financial Times, Disney Channel, Marie Claire, Wired, Management Today and CNBC.

Her mission is to empower people and organisations to see the future from fresh perspectives, think laterally and act boldly.


Speech Titles:

The Secret to the most disruptive organisations
Are you creating a company culture that encourages everyone to be entrepreneurial or one that is preventing intrapreneurs to grow in your organisation? In this Keynote, Roberta shares the secrets of the most disruptive tech scaleups and how they empower teams to challenge the status quo, and exercise their curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurial mindset.

The future is uncertain. Its time to co-create it
Welcome to a future where we have multiple identities, live in a metaverse, belong to like-minded communities on and offline, and experience a range of emotions without leaving our bedrooms. In this keynote, Roberta unveils how organisations and leaders need to prepare and evolve in a world governed by new technology; and what needs to be done to make organisations, and its products, attractive to a new and varied generation of consumers. 

D&I – Improve Performance and create a better world
Despite evolution and research surrounding diversity & inclusion and gender balance, we still create biased algorithms and datasets. In particular, managers fail to consider the attribution bias when leading their teams. Roberta considers the factors that enable this discourse, and what can be done to ensure the technology and processes, we rely on, can assist leaders and companies to make meaningful decisions without continuing to perpetuate bias. 

The Power of MULTIs – Don’t Trap Them in a job title
When uncertainty hits, a company’s success relies on its ability to develop innovative ideas, created by talented individuals with a diverse set of skillsets. These individuals can often be seen as unfocused or too ambitious, but add the most value to your company culture when empowered to bring their multiple identities and interests to work. In this keynote, Roberta gives leaders a fresh look into how leaders can leverage the best in MULTIs to positively impact and change your organisation.


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