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Maria Conceicao


Maria Conceicao – Inspirational Speaker, Explorer & Charity Founder

Maria Conceicao is an inspirational speaker and is the first Portuguese Woman to summit Mount Everest, trek to both the North & South Poles and do this all in aid of raising money for a charity she founded herself.

Maria’s life journey took her to Dubai in 2003 when she became a flight attendant at Emirates Airlines. Enjoying the life of Cabin Crew she toured the world visiting places many people could only dream of. In 2005 she took a fateful flight to the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. It was here she witnessed extreme poverty in the slums of Bangladesh, which was made even more poignant given the life of luxury enjoyed by many in Dubai.

. Among other things, she built one of the most advanced schools in Bangladesh, despite not even having completed grade 6 herself. But after 8 years it all came tumbling down due to matters beyond her control, and Maria has shown great resilience and determination, in finding new ways to get the slum children back to school.

He fundraising exploits have seen her climb Mount Everest, trek to both poles and she currently has 8 Guinness World records for running ultra marathon, and iron man triathlons despite having no background in sport. She even attempted to swim the treacherous English Channel only a year after learning to swim, but despite not succeeding her attempt won the hearts of many people.

From a difficult beginning, losing a mother at 2 years old and again at 9 years old, Maria has faced adversity from an early age. Maria’s story is one that reaches great heights, but also one that takes many falls. Her path has often been steep, with plenty of twists and turns often out of her control.

It’s a story that takes audiences on a journey, where they cannot help but be immersed in the difficult situations that she has had to face. It inspires. It makes you want to do more with your life. No excuses.


As a speaker Maria’s story gives incredible examples of innovation, leadership, and agility to keep her project going, to keep her promise to those slum children. A never give up attitude and strength to constantly re-invent herself and her strategy, Maria believes that you can always find a path to success.

Maria offers her audience practical advice on what it takes to turn dreams into reality, how to stop your mind from playing tricks on you, how to overcome fear and how to get things done. She encourages people to pursue their own goals and dreams, to aim higher and to achieve more in life for themselves and others.


Overcoming Adversity
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