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Alan Chambers MBE


Polar Explorer & Motivational Speaker

Alan Chambers MBE is a Polar Explorer and an Inspirational, Motivational and leadership speaker who led the first successful British unsupported expedition from Canada to the Geographic North Pole.

In temperatures as low as low as -65°C his team walked 672 nautical miles. Dragging a sled with the weight of a baby elephant, and after 70 days on the ice, Alan and his team raised the Union Jack at the North Pole in May 2000.

Not stopping there Alan has led over a dozen North Pole expeditions with top business leaders and chief executives. The experience helps them to explore and reflect on their own leadership capabilities.

Outside leading business leaders on expeditions, Alan has also embarked on some truly unique adventures including
• Yukon Arctic Ultra Challenge – in a grueling challenge, Alan lead a team on the challenge in 2006
• In 2008 he led and crossed Greenland as part of the Feet of Green initiative, which was designed to inspire children with a spirit of adventure and care for the environment.
• In 2009 he trekked to the South Pole – again with a team of business leaders.
Alan spent 16 years as a Royal Marine, and during his time he was a member of the first winter expedition to traverse Iceland by ski.


Alan Chambers engages audiences with a likeable yet determined style of leadership. Alan is a sought-after motivational speaker and workshop leader on topics such as creating a vision, leading a team and building mental strength. His topics cover –

• Motivating Your Team.
• Team Selection.
• Effective Team Communication.
• Winning Beliefs and Winning Behaviours.
• Pioneering & Innovation.
• Creating a Winning Mindset.
• Leading From The Back.
• Inspirational Leadership.


Winning Mindset/performance