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Jim Lawless


Inspirational Speaker & Motivational Speaker – The Ten Rules for Taming Tigers

Jim Lawless is an inspirational & motivational speaker and a leading authority on AQ: developing organisational AdaptAbility skills to deliver bold, fast change. He also works with senior leaders to build cultures that can adapt and deliver.

Jim has contributed to bold, fast change in global organisations, government, Olympic teams and business schools for two decades. He has inspired and educated over half a million people on five continents through his mindset- shifting keynotes and more through his bestselling book, Taming Tigers.

Jim has tested and developed the AQ skills personally. He adapted to become a televised jockey within a year of starting to ride and to become Britain’s deepest Freediver in just 8 months of training. Both done alongside his day job – a key element of AdaptAability.

Currently studying Neuroscience at King’s College London, Jim holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and practiced as a commercial solicitor in the City of London before moving into industry.

He was elected a fellow of the UK’s Royal Society for the Arts in recognition of his writing on culture and change and is the author of the bestselling book ‘Taming Tigers’ (Random House).

Over the past two decades, Jim Lawless has evolved to be one of the most in-demand speakers in the world delivering over 100 major conference keynotes each year.

What differentiates him, besides having proven his highly effective methodology personally, is his immense personal 1-1 connectivity with people in audiences of all sizes. He brings passion, energy, interactivity and amusing elements to the stage creating an engagement that transforms mindsets with ease.

Working with one of the leading pioneer in AQ you can teach your people the basics of the skill of change in an exciting, liberating hour.

You can inspire and empower them to plan and commit to major, personal strategy-supporting changes in just three hours.


Jim Lawless is now recognised as one of Europe’s leading motivational speakers. His speeches cover –

  • Adaptability and AQ
  • Change
  • AI and Digital: Rapid Adaptation
  • Disruption / Digital Disruption
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Productivity & Performance
  • Coaching

In specific some of his themes include –

  • Bold Change: Fast
  • The Art of Possible
  • Creating & Leading the High Performance, Change-Ready Team
  • Becoming the Disruptor in the Age of Disruption
  • A Mindset to Ignite Change



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