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John Amaechi


Inspirational Speaker & Expert in Performance

John Amaechi is a former British NBA Basketball player, psychologist, consultant and speaker on High Performance.

John played college basketball at Vanderbilt and Penn State, and professional basketball in the National Basketball Association. He has also played in France, Italy, Greece, and the United Kingdom. Since retiring from basketball, John has worked as a psychologist and consultant.

In 2007 became the first former NBA player to come out publicly and considered one of the world’s most high-profile gay athletes. His memoir “Man in the Middle” was a New York Times bestseller. John appears regularly as a pundit for CNN, MSNBC, CBC, and the BBC. He has also appeared on shows like BBC Breakfast, The Daily Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, Oprah and many more.

John is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), the British Psychological Society (BPS), the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology and the BPS Psychological Testing Centre.

He is a Senior Fellow at the Applied Centre for Emotional Literacy, Learning, and Research with the well-known academic Dr. Richard Majors.


Having formed his own Performance Company, John Amaechi is a regular speaker at Conferences and events across the world. Topics have included the impact of depression, interpersonal skills, leadership, team cohesion, emotional literacy and diversity and inclusion on individual and team performance.

His speaking topics include –
• The Everyday Jedi
• Authentic Leadership: Learning to Lead from your Core
• Business Ethics: Being a Full-Time Person of Principle
• A World of Competition: Using Sports to Teach Business
• More Chance of Being Hit by a Meteor: What to do When Your Dreams Defy Probability
• Organisational Harmony
• Consequential Conversations
• Sport for Development
• Achieving the Impossible Dream
• Inspiring Intrinsic Motivation: Creating and Sustaining the ‘Self-Starter’ Drive


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