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Tammy Watchorn


Dr Tammy Watchorn is known as the Change Ninja and is an Educator, Facilitator, Coach, Author and keynote Speaker

Tammy’s experiences of trying to lead transformational change in a complex environment that didn’t really want to change led to her first book, The Change Ninja Handbook. A gamified choose your own adventure book focusing on people and behaviours.

In her other life she is a speaker, teacher, trainer, facilitator, and coach, working at all levels within and across organisations and with a strong focus on change management, neuroscience, behaviours and resistance to change, effective delivery and productivity.

Her ‘Just in Time’ learning approach ensures results are delivered immediately and are repeatable, her keynotes are interactive and engaging and the tools she uses are practical and memorable.

She works across public and private sector at all levels and recent clients include NHS, Houses of Parliament, Dentons, NatureScot, Association of Project Managers.

You can’t change other people, only they can change themselves. But you can become a Change Ninja, helping others gain new insights to see things differently so that they realise the change you are leading is a change they want to embrace.

Dr Tammy Watchorn Speaking topics

Fear of change – Understanding the neuroscience, emotions and behaviours of change are key to successful delivery. Knowing how we feel and respond to change we don’t like can help us spot it in others. Combining this insight with Change Ninja tactics that focus on how we approach other people will help us to deliver effectively, efficiently and with a lot less pain.

Types of change – Do you know what you are trying to achieve (outcome) and how to do it (done it before)? Or is it a bit vague? Why different types of change need different approaches and different leadership skills and why people react differently to different types of changes depending on their preference. This keynote will also give you tools for how to approach stakeholders based on their preference and how to map activities to suit your team’s personal preferences.

Turkeys voting for Christmas – Identifying stakeholders by how much they understand and how much they agree with your change before determining the best approach to win them over will lead to success. Every time.

Killing aliens – learn the true source of how not to manage risks before putting in place a method to pre-eliminate risk for a smother, risk free, project.


Winning Mindset/performance


We have worked with Matthew for many years and will continue to do so. His knowledge of the Speaker Market and ability to interpret our clients requirements is quite exceptional.

He is incredibly thorough in his approach and always goes that extra mile to ensure everything is exactly as required.

I am always happy working with Matthew, he has great credibility, he is very diverse in his ability to make things happen.

Matthew Fisher and I have worked together for many number of years. I have always found Matt to be honest, good natured and willing to work hard always carefully selecting the best appearances to suit my personality and lifestyle. The work Matthew has delivered for me over the years has varied from schools, colleges, attending film premiers, guest speaking  to name a few all of which I have lots of memories and thoroughly enjoyed.