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Dr Zoe Wimshurst


Dr Zoe Wimshurst is a world expert and keynote speaker in using the visual system to enhance performance.

She works with elite athletes from a wide range of sports including Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen and Football player Cristiano Ronaldo. She has also applied her work to military, counter-terrorism teams as well as police forces and large-scale professional service organisations such as NASDAQ.

A former elite athlete herself, Zoe has been working with high performance teams for over a decade. She was approached to work as part of the British Olympic Association prior to London 2012 and around this time she also completed her PhD looking at the visual, perceptual and decision making skills of elite athletes. Since this time, Zoe has continued to research what it is that sets the elite apart from more novice performers and has published several scientific papers in this field.

Zoe Wimshurst is a Chartered Psychologist and Vision Scientist exploring and applying how our visual world can impact on our decision-making and performance.

Speaking topics:

Zoe has experience in keynote speaking as well as more practical workshop focused events. Her talks range from highly focused on how you and your team can harness the power of your visual system to enhance performance, through to how the way in which we perceive the world is unique and embracing this can lead to increased creativity and team cohesion. Her talks often use visual illusions to demonstrate how perception varies from person to person, and how our brain is responsible for creating the world around us.

Having carried out scientific work on the brain function of elite athletes, she also delivers talks on how the expert brain develops and how you can speed up your own brain development to reach peak performance.

Additionally, Zoe speaks on ‘lessons learnt from elite sport’ highlighting similarities and differences between being an elite athlete and high performance in business.

Some specific talks include –

  • Vision for Performance: Unlocking the superpower of your visual system
  • Lessons learned from elite sport to enhance your business capabilities
  • Working as a female in a male dominated environment
  • The power of visualisation
  • How your brain really makes decisions
  • What illusions can tell us about the brain


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