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Jono Lancaster


Jono Lancaster – Author, presenter & public speaker, Jono is an advocate for self love, surrounding yourself with epic people and being the biggest hero in your own life.

Born with a visible difference in a world obsessed with image and looks, Jono was left in the hospital at birth born.  His journey to today has not been straightforward but nothing has stopped him from loving himself, showing his authentic self to the world and filling his life with love and adventure.

Jono will lead Love My Face for Channel 4 later this year, a 4 part series following people with a range of visible facial differences as they seek support, advice and explore transformative treatments to help accept or address their differences.

In is memoir, Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Jono shares his remarkable story, the highs and lows of his journey and how he turned his differences into his greatest strengths.

Jono is co-founder of the Love Me Love My Face Foundation, set up to raise awareness of Treacher Collins Syndrome & Craniofacial Conditions, supporting families and educating individuals & the public.

Jono is a passionate disability campaigner, public speaking to audiences around the world and engaging young people through talks in schools, encouraging all to find their own self-love alongside tolerance, acceptance and kindness.

Jono has written a book on his story – Not All Heroes Wear Capes. 


With a driving determination and the help of others Jono Lancaster has learnt to control the anxiety he felt in his younger years to become a well-respected author, presenter and public speaker. He is now more comfortable in himself and uses his experience and story to influence others and make facial differences more widely accepted.

Jono Lancaster works across the world to help those with facial differences be more accepting of themselves. Using his experiences to guide others on how to embrace their differences is a constant goal for Jono. Whilst he acknowledges things are changing he feels that mainstream culture could be doing more to help acceptance and equality for those with facial differences.


Diversity & Inclusion
Mental Health
Overcoming Adversity


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