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Professor Tony Travers

conference hosts

Economics Speaker & Local Government Speaker

Professor Tony Travers is a professor in the London School of Economics Government Department and co-director of LSE London and speaker on public finance, local government, and London Government.

Tony has been asked to advise some UK parliamentary committees and was also a member of the Urban Task Force Working Group on Finance.

A research board member of the Centre for Cities and a board member of the New Local Government Network, Tony has also chaired the London Finance Commission and was a member of the City Growth Commission in 2013

Tony is also an author, and published a number of books including-

• Failure in British Government The Politics of the Poll Tax (with David Butler and Andrew Adonis),
• Paying for Health, Education, and Housing: How does the Centre Pull the Purse Strings (with Howard Glennerster and John Hills)
• The Politics of London: Governing the Ungovernable City.
• London’s Boroughs at 50.


Tony Travers is often asked to speak on the economy at small and large conference. He covers such subjects as –

• Government and Society
• Regional Policies
• Economics
• Public Service Reform
• Future of Cities/Transport in Cities


Political & Brexit & Economy