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David Smith


Economics Editor & Finance Speaker

David Smith is the Economics Editor of The Sunday Times and is a regular speaker at conferences and business events on the UK and global economy, the business outlook and the property market..

David has worked for the Sunday Times since 1989 having started his career as an Economic Report Writer for Lloyds Bank, before moving to the Henley Centre in a forecasting role.

He moved into journalism, writing on Business and Economics for Now! Magazine and Financial Weekly before becoming Economics Correspondent of The Times in 1984.

He moved across to The Sunday Times in 1989 as Economics Editor and is now also their Policy Advisor and Assistant Editor. He writes a weekly column and is chief leader-writer. He also writes a mid-week column for The Times, as well as regular articles for Tax Journal, Property Notify and other p[ublications..

A successful author, his book Free Lunch, a new edition of which has just been published, is described as a smart and witty introduction to economics, while The Age of Instability sets the near collapse of the international financial markets and the banking system a decade ago in a global and historical context.

His last book “Something Will Turn Up: Britain’s economy, past, present, and future” was published in July 2015.

David is a Visiting Professor at the universities of Wales and Nottingham, and has won a number of awards, including the Harold Wincott, senior financial journalist of the year, the London Press Club business journalist of the year and the LSL property columnist of the year.

David is a popular choice of speaker gifted in his ability to present complex economic issues in a straight forward manner, explaining everything from the global financial crisis to the state of Europe and the rise of the new economic giants.


David Smith is a regular speaker at business and academic events. He talks on-

• UK Current Economic Policy
• The UK & Europe
• The Economic Arena
• The US Federal Reserve
• Property
• Brexit


Economy & Finance


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