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Gary Hibberd


Gary Hibberd is a Cyber Security Expert and speaker, with over 25 years experience in technology, Data Protection and Cybersecurity.

He is the co-founder of ‘Consultants Like Us’, a Cybersecurity and Information Governance Consultancy dedicated to helping organisations improve their security.

He is a practitioner in Cybersecurity and Data Protection with over 25 years in IT, and a background of working with large and small organisations to improve their technical, physical and human security. Gary is a Consultant who specialises in helping organisations implement security-related frameworks and regulations like NIST, ISO27001, ISO22301 and GDPR and the UK DPA2018. Gary has developed security training and awareness programmes for organisations, focusing on strategy, tactics and operational effectiveness.

Working within the public and private sector, helping organisations in banking, fintech, IT services, legal, retail and hospitality. For eight years Gary was the Managing Director of a Consultancy based in Yorkshire. He has helped start-ups to multi-national organisations implement security programmes and frameworks that are practical, pragmatic and added value to them and their customers.

A passionate speaker and author, he is driven to help us protect ourselves in the digital universe individually and collectively. This is why he is often called upon to speak to school children about the promise and the pitfalls of social media and to large conferences about the evolution and future of Cybercrime, the Darkweb and CyberPsychology. Gary brings a unique perspective and fresh approach to the world of Cybersecurity.

Gary is on the Board of the Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster (YCSC) that has over 1000 members, and meets on a monthly basis to discuss topics related to Cybersecurity and Data Protection.

He is a published author on topics related to Cybercrime and cyber terrorism, business continuity and most recently (2022) published the “Art of Cybersecurity”. This book takes the works of Sun Tzu (Art of War) and brings it into the modern era of Cyberwarfare. Other publications include;

  • Cyber Security: Law and Guidance
  • The Business Continuity Toolkit
  • Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigators Handbook
  • The Definitive Guide to Business Continuity
  • The Dummies Guide to Business Continuity Management

He is a regular speaker and writer on the topic of Cyber Security and Business Continuity.

As a keynote speaker, Gary demonstrates a passion and ability for communicating technical matters which has earned him the title of ‘Professor of Communicating Cyber’.

Speaking topics include:

  • Cybercrime and CyberTerrorism – The new Crime Inc.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly side of Cyberspace.
  • What Cyber is doing to us.
  • Why cybercriminals are targeting SME’s.
  • The Future of Crime.
  • War Games.
  • You’re the problem – your IT is fine.


Gary runs the Consultancy Like Us, YouTube Channel where he speaks on a range of topics related to international security standards, and cyber security consultancy.


Cyber Security


We have worked with Matthew for many years and will continue to do so. His knowledge of the Speaker Market and ability to interpret our clients requirements is quite exceptional.

He is incredibly thorough in his approach and always goes that extra mile to ensure everything is exactly as required.

I am always happy working with Matthew, he has great credibility, he is very diverse in his ability to make things happen.

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