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Charlie McMurdie


Cyber Security & Crime Speaker.

Charlie McMurdie is the former Head of Scotland Yards of Economic and Cyber Crime, and a respected conference speaker on cybersecurity and online crime.

As head of the Police Central eCrime Unit and National cybercrime programmes, Charlie was the UK’s top law enforcement officer in the international world of hacking, cybercrime and online fraud

She led the cybercrime and cyber terrorism response for numerous international investigations including delivering the 2012 Olympics cyber response while providing over £1.8 billion harm prevention.

Since then, she has become the senior cybercrime advisor to PwC and led a range of global strategic and operational cybersecurity programmes as well as leading the cybercrime response within Breach Aid, PwC’s critical incident multidiscipline response team.

She is well-respected cybercrime and security expert and internationally acclaimed authority and advisor on issues within government and industry concerning the Internet, computing fraud and security sectors.


Charlie McMurdie is an internationally acclaimed speaker about security and the internet. She speaks on the need for appropriate cybersecurity measures and how all companies are vulnerable, and what can be done to prevent such crimes.

Her speaking topics include –

• Cybersecurity & Cyber Crime
• Leadership
• Women in leadership
• Innovation
• Dealing with uncertainty