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Dave Coplin


Technology Thought Leader and Business Speaker

Dave Coplin is the former Chief Envisioning officer of Microsoft in the UK and is a sought-after technology thought leader and keynote business speaker.

Dave has spent over 25 years working within the technology industry and is best known to many for his time at Microsoft where he worked across the business to implement an integrated thought leadership strategy.

A guiding light on the transformational potential technology offers, Dave, focuses not just on the technology, but on the people that use it and helps organisations to fulfill their full potential in the new digital society that exists.

A self-acclaimed sci-fi enthusiast, Dave has even referenced innovations in Star Trek that are now being brought to life, changing the way we live and work forever.

Dave’s books “Business Reimagined” and “The Rise of the Humans” have sold over 13,000 copies in the last 12 months and provide exciting insights into the new world of work.

Dave is a regular contributor in UK media including the BBC, The Telegraph and The Guardian and covers topics from the future of education, privacy, and online safety, right through to the Big Data and the impact of artificial intelligence


Dave Coplin enthuses and entertains his audiences and helps them to think differently and creatively. His mission is to make people reconsider their relationship with technology and how it can help them work smarter, not harder. He focuses more on the people who use the technology rather than the technology itself.