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Scott Gould


Scott Gould is a speaker that helps change makers and organisations to get people highly engaged around their mission.

A former church minister, Scott’s champions the cause of real engagement in a world where so much is only skin deep, which is vital if we are to solve the profound challenges facing humanity today.

As a management advisor he has helped some of the world’s biggest brands and oldest organisations nurture highly engaged customers, employees and communities, leading to powerful changes in the way that those people think and act.

He created a simple model that is presented in his book, The Shape of Engagement, which codifies how people engage with ideas, products, organisations, and each other.

The book deconstructs and demystifies engagement through a series of shapes, based on a decade of research and practical experience across a range of sectors and scenarios, spanning from aviation to zoology.

Speaking Topics

Scott believes engagement is a critical business issue and right on the pulse of trends such as hub-economies and social purpose. Organisations of all kinds are desperate to know how they get people engaged, in order to gain a competitive advantage. His speaking topics include –

The Shape of Engagement – A high-octane talk based on my book,covering psychology, religion, romance and why farming will teach you the ancient key to engagement.

Customer Engagement Masterclass – A deep dive for comms professionals into the psychology behind increasing customer spend, loyalty and advocacy.

Community Engagement Masterclass – Helping community professionals to deeper engagement between members and with the community’s purpose.

Employee Engagement Masterclass – For OD professionals and team leaders who want to get employees engaged around their mission and change.



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