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Paula Reid


Round The World Yachtswoman & Psychology Speaker

Paula Reid is an Adventurer and Round the World Yachtswoman, who is a motivational speaker specialising in the psychology of Going Knowingly Into The Unknown.

Paula was a member of the Global Challenge World’s Toughest Yacht Race, and raced 35,000 miles the ‘wrong way’ around the world, competing against 11 other 72’ yachts. The race lasted for ten months.

She embarked on this challenge with no sailing experience and two months notice and within ten hours of the race encountered force eight gales and a man overboard. They finally completed the race three weeks late and 3000 miles behind all the other boats but greeted with a heroes’ welcome in Wellington.

Paula is also only the third British and 14th International Woman to ski the full distance to the South Pole (Messner route). A 1000km trek through the treacherous terrain took 46 days and was made even harder by the fact she suffered from a severe case of Polar Thigh.

In all of her challenges, Paula showed the mental toughness to succeed and in her book from BOAT to BOARDROOM uses the Global Challenge as an extreme case study, referencing it to provide memorable and unique lessons, advice and practical exercises in high-performance leadership and teamwork. Her second book: The 7 Racing Rules – Lessons for Winning in Business and Life contains her top seven performance principles.


Paula Reid keynote talks on her adventures cover a range of topics including –

• Empowerment;
• Achieving goals;
• Mental Toughness and resilience;
• Coping with fear

Also, using new research from her Masters Degree, Paula has developed a modern and contemporary talk “Going Knowingly Into The Unknown” The talk combines:

• Positive Psychology (second wave) – the latest science, evidence, and theories
• Adventure Psychology – 7 themes from dissertation research
• Personal Adventure hardiness – experience from her many expeditions including Global

Challenge RTW yacht race, skiing the full distance to the South Pole, winter mountaineering, touring cycling across countries, paddling the Mekong, walking across England, Scotland & Ireland and many more.

In these talks Paula looks at leadership, decision making and performance in an uncertain, VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) involving:

• Agility
• Resilience
• Resourcefulness
• Motivation
• Post-Traumatic Growth


Overcoming Adversity
Winning Mindset/performance


We have worked with Matthew for many years and will continue to do so. His knowledge of the Speaker Market and ability to interpret our clients requirements is quite exceptional.

He is incredibly thorough in his approach and always goes that extra mile to ensure everything is exactly as required.

I am always happy working with Matthew, he has great credibility, he is very diverse in his ability to make things happen.

Matthew Fisher and I have worked together for many number of years. I have always found Matt to be honest, good natured and willing to work hard always carefully selecting the best appearances to suit my personality and lifestyle. The work Matthew has delivered for me over the years has varied from schools, colleges, attending film premiers, guest speaking  to name a few all of which I have lots of memories and thoroughly enjoyed.