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Christopher Howell


Christopher Howell – Magician & Creative Thinking & Communications Speaker

Christopher Howell is a speaker and magician who specializes in creative thinking and improving communication skills and has presented around the world delivering entertaining talks that explore our potential to innovate and to think more creatively ‘like magicians’ and clearly communicate with our clients.

Originally from the United States, he has spent most of his life in Europe and has presented around the world. Built on his diverse creative background, Christopher Howell has developed interactive talks and workshops that make use of a variety of entertaining techniques to drive points home with delegates.  By the end, everyone has had a ‘breakthrough moment’ and gained essential skills.

Christopher Howell is a Member of the Magic Circle and holds a diploma in life coaching and a BA in Studio Arts and Theatre Arts.  He has performed around the world including at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Wintergarten in Berlin and in theatres in London’s West End.


Christopher Howell believes that creativity is one of the most valuable skills we can bring to any workplace. It’s a basic ingredient for any organization that wants to survive and – even better – thrive in the uncertain conditions that surround us.

In teaching how to escape comfort zone behaviour and think in new ways, Christopher illustrates how anyone can boldly make steps into fresh creative terrain.

Chris cover topics such as –

  • Creative Thinking
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Achieving Impossible Goals
  • The Innovation Mindset
  • Communication Workshops

All of his presentations are interactive including some magic and are perfect to open or close and conference or event. (After the talk, Christopher is also available to perform magic entertainment either close-up or on stage).