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August Book of the Month – Cris Beswick

August Book of the Month – Cris Beswick

Our August book of the Month is “Building a Culture of Innovation – A Practical Framework for Placing Innovation at the Core of your Business” by Cris Beswick, Derek Bishop and Jo Geraghty.

Working with clients across a broad spectrum of business, the authors were receiving the same message over and over again: innovation culture was increasingly being seen as one of the prime differentiators and drivers of business success; but whilst there were plenty of surveys highlighting the importance of innovation, there was very little information about how to transform organisational culture to embrace innovation.

Drawing on their combined expertise in the field of innovation strategy, design thinking, culture change, employee engagement and leadership development, the authors set out to provide a practical six-stage framework which will help leaders to build a culture of innovation within their organisation. The book also draws in examples and case studies from a wide range of businesses, all of which are designed to illustrate the way in which innovation theory translates into the delivery of game changing solutions.

Building a Culture of Innovation provides a real world examination of the issues around innovation and culture that large companies are grappling with in the light of rapidly changing consumer behaviour and emerging competition. It provides a structured and pragmatic approach to embedding innovation capabilities in to organizations.” (Duncan Mosely, Director of Corporate Development, Prudential)

About Cris Beswick

Originally trained as a product & industrial designer, Cris spent over a decade as a successful entrepreneur & CEO building an award-winning strategy & design group.

He is now a strategic advisor on innovation, recognised globally as a thought leader on innovation strategy, leadership and culture and has helped some of the world’s most ambitious CEOs, visionary leaders, Fortune 500 companies and Governments solve their most complex innovation challenges, develop game-changing innovation capability and build a culture of innovation.

To order a copy of the book please you can order a copy from Amazon. For more details on Cris as a speakers please click here or email us at enquiries@scampspeakers.co.uk



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