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Tim Shipman

after dinner
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Political Speaker & Economy Speaker

Tim Shipman is the Political Editor of the Sunday Times and is humerous after-dinner speaker and keynote speaker on the economy.

Tim Shipman has been a national newspaper journalist for seventeen years having held the posts of Deputy Political Editor of the Daily Mail, Washington Correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph and as well as holding the posts of both Political and Foreign Correspondent, at the Daily and Sunday Express. Tim has also written for The Spectator and has a rapidly growing following as a witty observer of the political scene on Twitter

Tim has covered four British General Elections and three American elections from the US. Well known in the Westminster, he is a trusted ear of many politicians from all political sides.

His experience is diverse and has covered such events as the Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial and the war in Kosovo. He was also the main anchorman for the Express’s coverage of the Iraq War, reporting from the US Central Command in Doha.

Tim is also an author and his first book “All Out War” covers the recent political period from David Cameron’s reign as Prime Minister to the Brexit vote and the resulting fallout in both major parties. Andrew Marr called the book one of his ‘Books of the Year.’


Renowned for his humour, as a speaker, Tim Shipman is both insightful and entertaining. His subjects include –

• Political Affairs
• Current Affairs & Media
• The Economy
• Brexit & The EU

Tim is an excellent host, chair and moderator.


Political & Brexit & Economy