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Rob Forkan


Founder of the Gandy Brothers & Inspirational Speaker.

Rob Forkan is the co-Founder of the Gandy Brothers with his brother Paul and is an inspirational business speaker and speaker on overcoming adversity.

On Boxing Day 2004, Rob and Paul Forkan lives were forever changed when they tragically lost their parents in the devastating Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka.

Raised to believe they should do more in life than just exist, they were instilled with the notion to enjoy life and to take more adventures.

They wanted to honour their parents and Gandy’s was born.

The brand’s mission was to stop people passively letting life go by when they could be doing more. Rob and Paul founded Gandys in order to support their Orphans for Orphans foundation. Not only do Rob and Paul donate 10 per cent of their profits to helping underprivileged children that are affected by the Tsunami by building children’s homes across the world, they also have 3 stores in central London and multiple pop ups throughout the year.

They describe their store as ‘a place for travellers alike to come together and share experiences and stories and find the perfect pieces to accompany them on their next adventure.’



Overcoming Adversity