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Jon Burkhart

after dinner

Content Strategist & Creativity Speaker

Jon is best known for being an award-winning international keynote speaker, content strategist, and co-author of Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising.

As your friendly neighbourhood “Real-Time Guy,” Jon makes you more memorable in the moment. How? Well, he’s worked with top brands as an influencer marketing specialist through TBC Global, his marketing consultancy with a focus on sport and travel brands.

He helps these brands find their impactful story, and his workshops often help tease this out through interactive games that amplify the learning through competition and play. Example: He coined the term ‘game-inar’ (a webinar & gameshow hybrid) and invented the ‘beernote’ – a closing keynote/drinking game where he summarises the major themes in real-time with the light touch of an improv comedian.

He one of the only people in the world to speak 8 times at SXSW and has served on the board for 5 years where he introduces global brands to this top US festival. He also has served on the board of Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology and created ‘happy hour training’ for Cannes Lions. Find his work in places like Rolling StoneFast Company, and The Guardian.

Speaking Topics –

Jon’s specialist areas include –

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Travel Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

He weaves in examples from the previous areas in his keynote on curiosity

Constant Curiosity: How Asking Firecracker Questions Creates Memorable Moments…

To paraphrase author Ian Leslie, if you let your curiosity roam free, you’ll break all the rules by asking questions no one’s thought to ask. Newsflash: most brands don’t make these dangerous inquiries. Keynote speaker Jon Burkhart will help you act on your curious urges to create content that POPS like a firecracker. Translation: you’ll learn to use varying amounts of Provocation, Originality, Playfulness & Surprise. 

Ultimately, this type of content will help you better connect with the changing needs of your audience. When you adopt the POPS framework, your content will start with a provocative question that digs deep to uncover the root problem for your audience. Ground this in truth and you’ll come up with an original solution that’s deeply human, and appeals to our innate need for play or surprise. 

In this insightful audiovisual show, Jon shows you how brands create these memorable moments. Part stand-up comedy, part investigative report — expect interactive, rapid-fire storytelling with one aim: to help you find new ways to create these memorable moments yourself.

Special Closing Keynote Topic 

Jon also offers clients their own BEERNOTE! – an entertaining yet thought provoking end of conference speech that helps sums up everything that has gone on during the day. Jon will join you for the day and sum up the content from all the speakers during the day in one final speech – leaving delegates departing on a high.


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