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Ann Hiatt


Ann Hiatt is a Silicon Valley veteran and speaker with 15 years of experience as the Executive Business Partner for Jeff Bezos, Founder, and CEO of Amazon, and Eric Schmidt, CEO/Executive Chairman of Google.

Her very first job was at 16 when she worked at a startup in Redmond, Washington called MusicWare – back when no one knew what a startup was. Growing up in Seattle during the original dotcom boom, surrounded by companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks, was a master class in innovation and it changed the course of her life.

Ann Hiatt now works as a consultant and speaker applying the lessons of innovation, ambition, growth at scale, and forward-thinking leadership that she learned at Amazon and Google to help businesses expand and individual careers grow.

Ann brings a global lens to every project and is committed to democratizing the internet and bringing underrepresented voices to the forefront. Ann helps high performing CEOs obtain their ultimate dreams through strategic decision making.

Some of her consulting clients include the CEOs of international corporations like Plenty (vertical farming – San Francisco, USA) as well as Armadillo (customer relationship marketing in Bristol, UK), and Zinkers (digital transformation solutions in Spain). Some of her past consulting clients include major international companies like Under Armour (USA) and Telefonica Alpha (Spain) and Siemens (Germany). She is also currently on the board of directors at Armadillo and the Board of Advisors at Invstr (UK).

Speaking Topics

Ann Hiatt has a number of keynote topics for corporate events including –

Lessons in Innovation from Silicon Valley Elite

In this session, you will learn how to maximize your potential, expand your skills, create a deeper relationship with your executive, and make your role even more impactful through executive-level communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and passion. Ann will share these business lessons through captivating stories of things she’s learned (often the hard way) directly from the Silicon Valley elite she has supported for the past 15 years.

Grit, Reinvention and Pivoting for Success

As the right hand for some of the most powerful CEOs (Jeff Bezos -CEO, Amazon, and Eric Schmidt – CEO, Google) Ann has witnessed what it takes to endure the relentless process of learning, pivoting, and surviving while under extreme scrutiny. In this talk, you will learn the keys for success through grit, reinvention, and pivoting at the right times.

The “celebrity CEO” trend has set a daunting spotlight for executives at all levels where it feels like everyone is watching your every move and not allowing for iterative learning or experimentation. We all need to develop agile strategies, push through unexpected pain points, and continue to learn and grow personally while maintaining authority. This talk will explore the many ways in which you can use that spotlight to empower both you and your workforce to think creatively and get results.

Other topics include –

  • Leadership Strategy,
  • C-Suite optimization,
  • Future-proofing your organization and career,
  • Pivots, Ambition, and Innovation.

Previous talks include 

  • Siemens corporate headquarters training, Munich Germany – January 2020
  • L39 tech scale-up event, London UK – Sept 2019
  • Montfort Communications panel “Leadership, Capitalism and the Changing Social Contract” with James Harding, London UK – Sept 2019
  • Achieving Your Next Level of Impact in Venice Italy – June 2019
  • SXSW in Austin TX – Grit, Reinvention, and Pivoting for Success – March 2019
  • Congreso del Libro Electrónico, Barbastro, Spain – November 2018
  • Start-Up Teulada Moraira, Moraira, Spain – September 2018
  • Bristol Media, Bristol UK – September 2018
  • Sonar+D in Barcelona – June 2018
  • Telefonica Alpha, Barcelona Spain – May 2018




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