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Michael Acton Smith


Entrepreneur and Technology Speaker

Michael Acton Smith is an entrepreneur & technology speaker and founder of Mind Candy that made Moshi Monsters, the online game for Children that gain worldwide success.

Such was the success of the game online that it expanded beyond the cyber world and produced toys, magazines, trading cards, and even music and film.

This was not Michael first venture into business. Firebox.com was founded in 1998 and was an online retail company specialising in gadgets, games, and gifts. Mindy Candy was launched six years later, and before the success of Moshi Monsters, their first project, Perplex City (A global treasure hunt game) was played around the world by tens of thousands of people.

Always the entrepreneur, in 2011 he launched Silicon Drinkabout which is a weekly networking group for anyone working in a technology startup and in 2012 founded Calm based in San Francisco.

A bright, intelligent and passionate entrepreneur, Michael Acton Smith’s story is energetic and has a powerful underlying message of overcoming obstacles, sailing through the turbulent times and never giving up on the dream.


• Entrepreneurship
• Overcoming Challenges
• Business Management
• Technology



Overcoming Adversity