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Lord Norman Lamont

after dinner

Former Chancellor and Economy & Brexit Speaker

Lord Norman Lamont is the former Chancellor of the Exchequer under John Major from 1990 to 1993 and is a keynote speaker on the economy, Brexit and the current political climate.

For 25 years, Lord Lamont was a member of the House of Commons, and besides being Chancellor, he was also a member of Mrs. Thatchers Cabinet.

Appointed a member of the House of Lords in 1998 he is a member of the Economic Affairs Committee.

Lord Lamont was Britain’s Chief Negotiator at the Maastricht Treaty and negotiated Britain’s non-membership of the euro, of which he remains a strong opponent and critic.

In 2008, David Cameron asked Lord Lamont with other former Chancellors to be part of a team to advise him on Britain’s financial problems.

An active member of the Leave Campaign during the Referendum, it has been often said he gave Brexit its credibility when in 1994 he said that one day Britain might be forced to consider it.

He is currently the Chairman of the British Iranian Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Advisory Board of the Iran Heritage Foundation, a body promoting Iranian culture and art. In 2016, he was the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Iran.

He has a degree in Economics from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, and was President of the Cambridge Union.


Lord Norman Lamont has spoken at events across the UK and abroad. His speaking topics include

• The Economy
• World Current Affairs
• Brexit & The EU

Lord Lamont is also an after-dinner speaker



Political & Brexit & Economy