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Larry Hochman


Customer Relationship & Customer Service Speaker

Larry Hochman is a leading global Customer Relationship expert who has rolled out culture change initiatives including British Airways’ ‘Winning for Customers’ programme and is a keynote speaker on customer service and retention.

His BA programme was delivered to 55,000 employees around the world and was considered the benchmark for culture change programmes in Europe.

He is a globally recognised expert on Customer Experience, Customer Relationships, Customer Loyalty, Customer Service, Culture Change and the author of the bestselling book, ‘The Relationship Revolution’ which focussed on how best to add value to customer relationships in the digital age.

Larry has a successful speaking career having made over 500 speeches in 72 countries, engaging at the highest level with corporations and governments.


Larry Hochman is one of the most popular keynote speakers in the world and is globally recognised as an expert in Customer Relationships, Leadership and Talent Management.

• The Human Touch – True added value in the digital age

• The Customer Experience – Your only priority

• Transformational Leadership in a Changing Environment

• The New Marketing – customers do it for you

• Creating a Collaborative Culture of Change