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Inma Martinez


Technology Speaker & Mobile Phone Pioneer

Inma Martinez is a Technology Speaker, data scientist and technology product maverick having been a pioneer in the mobile industry since the late1990s.

Inma has been at the forefront of many of the significant innovation advances in mobile technology including the development of WAP and mobile data services, mobile personalisation in real-time, mobile music and image streaming as well as film & TV content delivery across platforms.

Inma is recognised by Fortune and Time as one of the top talents in social engagement through technology and was asked by the British government in 2010 to serve the UK Trade & Industry Catalyst Programme as a technology business leader sharing with foreign governments and business enterprises the British innovation advances and export opportunities. In 2005 Red Herring ranked her 25th out of the top 40 women in technology, labelling her a “free radical,” whereas FastCompany has defined her as a “firestarter.”

Currently Inma is Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures, a tech & life sciences accelerator in London, and the founder of RIGHT BRAIN FUTURE, a data-driven product innovation agency where she works as a Data Scientist leading a number of A.I. and data projects in the private sector ranging from cyberspace security in education, intelligent homes and smart cities to precision livestock farming and human analytics for product innovation.


An inspirational speaker Inma Martinez helps to predict the future digitalisation of sectors. She has spoken at events across the world and covered subjects such as –

• Women in Technology
• Entrepreneurship
• Creativity
• Growth Strategies
• Re-engaging customers via digital environments
• Becoming Small Again: the rebirth of the new multinational
• Stop Tweeting and Talk to your Customers
• New Technologies


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