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Eliza Filby


Millennials & Generational Speaker

Dr Eliza Filby is a keynote speaker, writer, and consultant on generations and in particular the new millennials and the changing workplace.

Eliza in her speeches looks at how people’s values and behaviours are changing and the implications for politics, work, consumption, society, and economics.

Having received her Ph.D. in history from the University of Warwick, she lectured in Beijing and at King’s College London where she taught, amongst other things, a history of the 1980s to those born in the 1990s.

Her first book was God and Mrs. Thatcher: The Battle for Britain’s Soul, but by looking at the changing political arena in the eighties, she became more and more interested in the generation that was born in that era – the Millennials.

Eliza founded GradTrain, a business which provides training workshops for graduates helping them develop their soft skills from public speaking to entrepreneurship, and it has gone on to become one of the leading training organisations for universities in the UK.

Eliza is a member of the Women’s Network Forum and serves on the Advisory Board for ‘The Future Group’ at Strategy International. She has also written for the significant broadsheets in the UK from The Guardian, Times, Telegraph as well as reviewed for the Financial Times.


Eliza Filby is a leading authority on the millennial generation, and her speaking topics include –

• How demographics will dominate your business over the next 20 years
• Maturing Millennials: Savers, Parents, and Managers
• Move aside Millennials, here comes Gen Z
• The rise of the Multi-Gen consumer
• Generational Intelligence in the workplace
• The New Age of Old Age